Flying Goose Sriracha Ginger | 455ml | V GF 🌶️


Flying Goose Sriracha Ginger – a fusion of traditional Sriracha sauce with a hint of ginger for an extra kick. Originating from Si Racha in Thailand, this sauce adds a distinctive sharpness to Asian cuisine. Ideal for grilling, cooking, seasoning, or marinating, it elevates any dish with its unique flavour profile. Perfect as a dipping sauce for seafood or meat, it's a must-have for your next BBQ. With its recognizable colored cap closure, Flying Goose Sriracha Ginger is convenient to identify and take along wherever you go.

    Nutritional Information: Per 100ml serving, Flying Goose Sriracha Extra Garlic Hot Chilli Sauce provides 585kJ (139 kcal) of energy, with 1.2g of fat (0.2g saturated), 28g of carbohydrates (22g sugars), 2.3g of protein, and 7.3g of salt.

    Spice up Your Meals: Discover the bold flavors of Flying Goose Sriracha Extra Garlic Hot Chilli Sauce. This versatile sauce is available now in various sizes, including 200ml, 415ml, and 750ml, ready to add an extra kick to your culinary creations!

    Ingredients include:

    61% chilli, as well as sugar syrup, salt, garlic, water, acids (E260, E330), flavour enhancer (E621), stabiliser (E415) and preservative (E202).



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