Flying Goose Sriracha Green Chilli | 455 ml | V GF 🌶️


Flying Goose Sriracha Green Chilli

Discover Vibrant Flavours with Flying Goose Sriracha Green Chilli Hot Sauce

Unlock the bold essence of green chillies in our Sriracha sauce, delivering both flavour and a spicy kick. Elevate your culinary creations today!

Crafted from sun-ripened green chillies, Flying Goose Sriracha Green Chilli Hot Sauce adds a tantalizing zest to your dishes. While milder in heat, this sauce still packs a punch, enhancing the flavor profile of roasted meats, cold cuts, kebabs, and more.

Imaginative Usage Ideas:

  • Drizzle over grilled vegetables for a spicy twist.
  • Mix into marinades for barbecue meats or tofu.
  • Stir into soups or stews for an added kick.
  • Use as a dipping sauce for spring rolls or dumplings.
  • Blend into salad dressings for a vibrant flavor boost.

Crafted with 61% chilli, our Sriracha sauce also features a blend of sugar syrup, salt, garlic, and other carefully selected ingredients. 

Transform Your Cooking: With Flying Goose Sriracha Green Chilli Hot Sauce, your culinary adventures know no bounds. Whether you're a home cook or a professional chef, let the vibrant flavors of green chillies elevate your dishes to new heights of deliciousness. Try it today and experience a world of bold, zesty flavors!

Ingredients include: 61% chilli, as well as sugar syrup, salt, garlic, water, acids (E260, E330), flavour enhancer (E621), stabiliser (E415) and preservative (E202).

Nutritional Information Typical Values per 100ml: Energy 585kJ / 139 kcal, fat 1.2g, fat (of which saturates) 0.2g, carbohydrates 28g, carbohydrates (of which sugars) 22g, protein 2.3g, salt 7.3g


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