Discover the Brew Magic: Seven Seeds Cold Filter Cask at

Indulge in the caffeinated bliss brought to you by Seven Seeds, an iconic name in Melbourne's coffee saga. At, we're thrilled to offer you a unique coffee experience – the Seven Seeds Cold Filter Cask. Move over cask wine; this is cold coffee innovation at its finest.

Unveiling the Cold Filter Cask:

Imagine a 4-litre treasure trove of single-origin coffee, a coffee lover's dream come true. Seven Seeds has redefined the cold coffee game with this fridge-friendly companion, perfect for beach outings, picnics, or simply enjoying in your backyard. And the best part? It's recyclable! Just like the good old Goon Bags from the '70s, this bladder can find a second life protecting your fruit trees from curious birds.

The Seven Seeds Story:

Founded by Mark Dundon, the mastermind behind ST ALi, Seven Seeds emerged in 2008, gaining swift recognition in Melbourne's coffee culture. Situated north of downtown, this bustling warehouse roastery has become a favorite haunt for students and professionals near Melbourne University.

The Coffee Experience:

Seven Seeds takes its coffee seriously. The Espresso Blend boasts fruity notes, the Golden Gate Blend offers a caramel-y delight, and the single origins rotate regularly, providing a diverse coffee palette. Whether you prefer batch brews or single-serve filters, Seven Seeds has your caffeine cravings covered.


Why Seven Seeds?

Mark Dundon's legacy as a coffee pioneer is tangible at Seven Seeds, making it a must-visit for those seeking an authentic Melbourne coffee experience. brings this coffee haven to your doorstep, ensuring that every sip is a celebration of coffee craftsmanship.

Explore the Seven Seeds Cold Filter Cask at and elevate your coffee ritual today!

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