Italian Culinary Tradition: Penne Alla Vodka

Hey, fellow food enthusiasts! Today, let's embark on a delicious journey into the heart of Italian cuisine and explore the timeless tradition of Penne Alla Vodka. 🍝

The Art of Vodka Sauce: A Culinary Marvel

What makes Penne Alla Vodka taste so divine? It's not just about the pasta; it's about the magical touch of vodka in the sauce. 🍸 Vodka's clean taste, rich in water and ethanol, heightens the flavors in a way that tickles your taste buds.

Why Vodka, Though? Apart from giving you that perfect aroma, vodka acts as an emulsifier, creating a smooth, velvety texture. It's like the conductor in an orchestra, harmonizing the creaminess with the tomato base. And trust me, it does it way better than wine in this rich, flavorful sauce.

Versatility on Your Plate: Penne or Rigatoni?

In the world of Penne Alla Vodka, you're the chef, and your plate is the canvas. Whether you prefer the elegance of penne or the boldness of rigatoni, it's all about personal taste and culinary creativity.

The Origins Debate: NYC vs. Italy

Now, let's tackle the million-dollar question: Where did Penne Alla Vodka originate? New York City claims its fame with iconic restaurants, but Italy, with its charming tales from Dante in Bologna, joins the debate. Wherever it started, we're grateful for this delightful creation.

Vodka's Culinary Role: Aroma and Emulsion

Time for a bit of food science! Vodka isn't just a spirit; it's a flavor conductor. As you savor each bite, the vodka particles transport aromatic compounds, creating a euphoric food experience. Plus, as an emulsifier, it ensures the sauce is a creamy, dreamy delight.

Vodka Passata by Tenuta Fragassi: Elevating Your Culinary Experience

And here's the secret weapon for an authentic Penne Alla Vodka adventure – Vodka Passata by Tenuta Fragassi, your gourmet passport to Italian excellence.

Why Choose Vodka Passata?

  • Crafted with precision, it's the essential ingredient for an unparalleled culinary experience.
  • Elevate your pasta game with the richness of Italian tomatoes infused with vodka, giving your sauce that extra oomph.

Recipe Extravaganza: Penne Alla Vodka Mastery

Ready to become a pasta maestro? Here's a step-by-step guide to mastering Penne Alla Vodka using Tenuta Fragassi Vodka Passata from Trust me; your taste buds will thank you!


  • 3 Tablespoons of Ghee or unsalted butter
  • Olive oil (to combine with butter to reduce smoking point if not using ghee)
  • 1 pack La Molisana Penne Rigate
  • 1 brown onion
  • 1 Cup Tenuta Fragassi Vodka Passata
  • 1 Tin Zia Rosa San Marzano D.O.P. Tomatoes
  • 55g Fresh Parmesan cheese plus more for serving
  • 1 cup heavy cream
  • 3 cloves garlic,
  • A pinch of chilli flakes or chilli powder
  • Salt
  • Fresh basil leaves for garnish

Cooking Instructions:

  1. In generously salted water, cook La Molisana Penne Rigate as per the pack instructions less about 3 minutes and reserve some of the pasta water when draining.
  2. In a pan, sauté onions at a very low heat in melted butter or ghee until softened.  Add the garlic and chilli flakes. Add Vodka Passata, stirring and simmering until thick (about 3 minutes).  Add Zia Rosa D.O.P. tomatoes and bring to simmer, crushing the tomatoes with a spoon until the sauce has thickened (about 10 minutes).
  3. Add cream and stir (cream will thin the sauce)
  4. Transfer the sauce to a blender and blend until smooth.  Pour the sauce back into your pot and season with salt and pepper to taste. 
  5. Add the al dente pasta with half a cup of the reserved pasta water to the sauce and bring to a simmer
  6. Remove from heat and stir in 55g of parmesan cheese
  7. Serve
  8. Finish with a generous sprinkle of Parmesan and garnish with fresh basil.

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Penne Alla Vodka is more than a dish; it's a celebration of flavors, a blend of tradition and innovation. Elevate your culinary journey with Vodka Passata by Tenuta Fragassi and explore the gourmet wonders at Happy cooking, foodies! 🍴✨

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Remember, dear readers, every dish is a canvas, and you, the chef, are the artist. Food is an expression of culture, a tale of memories, and a celebration of life. Cherish each bite, relish each moment, and when you seek inspiration, visit PetitsTré – your culinary haven. Happy cooking and happy eating! 🍽️❤️


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