Exciting Update to Seven Seeds Coffee's F. Bomb Filter Blend: Savour at PetitsTresors

As coffee enthusiasts eagerly await the latest trends and updates in the world of specialty coffee, PetitsTresors.com.au has just unveiled an exciting update to one of its prized offerings – Seven Seeds Coffee Roasters' F. Bomb Filter Blend. Starting from January 17, 2024, coffee aficionados can savor the enhanced profile of this renowned blend, carefully curated for an exquisite brewing experience.

F. Bomb Filter Blend: A Symphony of Flavors

The F. Bomb Filter Blend has always been celebrated for its unique combination of flavors, and this update takes it to new heights. Described as "Juicy and Sweet, with notes of Peach, Jelly, Purple Jelly," this light roast blend is specifically crafted for filter brewing. The blend comprises 50% Colombia and 50% Ethiopia, each contributing distinctive elements to create a harmonious and flavorful cup.

  • Colombian Component
    • Name: Willyan Zambrano
    • Producer: Willyan Rojas Zambrano
    • Origin: Pitalito, Huila
    • Process: Fully Washed
  • Ethiopian Component
    • Name: Habtamu Fekadu
    • Producer: Worka Chelbessa Local Farmers
    • Origin: Chelbessa, SNNPR
    • Process: Fully Washed

This blend is not just a combination of beans; it's a fusion of the best that Colombia and Ethiopia have to offer, carefully selected to create a truly exceptional coffee experience.

Roasting and Shipping Schedule

Seven Seeds Coffee Roasters follows a meticulous roasting and shipping schedule to ensure that customers receive the freshest beans possible. With roasting taking place on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, orders placed by 7:00 am AEST on these days will be shipped the next day (Monday-Thursday). Orders placed between Friday 7:00 am through Monday 7:00 am will be roasted on Monday and dispatched on Tuesday. Customers can choose between Standard and Express shipping via Australia Post to receive their coffee with the desired speed.

About Seven Seeds Coffee Roasters

Named after the legendary Baba Budan, Seven Seeds Coffee Roasters draws inspiration from the daring act of smuggling seven coffee seeds from Yemen to India in the 17th century. Since its establishment in 2007, Seven Seeds has been a trailblazer in the coffee industry, redefining global bean sourcing. Beyond roasting, brewing, and retailing, the company is committed to ethical practices, emphasizing transparency and excellence.

One distinctive aspect of Seven Seeds' commitment is its dedication to traceability, exemplified by publishing the prices paid directly to producers, known as 'farmgate.' This commitment ensures that the company actively contributes to the sustainability of coffee farming communities. Seven Seeds' story is intertwined with the rich history of coffee cultivation, and each product they offer narrates a tale of determination and passion.

For those eager to embrace the legacy of Seven Seeds Coffee Roasters, the journey begins at Berkeley Street, Carlton, Victoria. This is not just coffee; it's a journey through history, innovation, and a commitment to a sustainable future for exceptional coffee growers. As the F. Bomb Filter Blend undergoes this exciting update, coffee lovers can anticipate a richer, more vibrant experience with each sip – a testament to the ongoing legacy of Seven Seeds Coffee Roasters.

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