Introduce Sustainability into Your Daily Routine With a Huskee Coffee Cup

According to Huskee, over 600 billion disposable coffee cups are made each year, and over 99% of those are not recycled. Huskee cups make it easy to consume coffee on the go without contributing to pollution and the production of plastic.

The Benefits of Huskee Cups

  • Huskee cups are beautiful and functional.
  • They are made using natural waste coffee husks.
  • The HuskeeSwap program aims to get rid of single-use plastic.

We Recommend the Huskee Reusable Coffee Cup

We stock Huskee Cups because we’re passionate about their commitment to keeping the environment clean and healthy. We encourage our customers to expand their participation by enjoying the best Australian craft.

Reduce Your Footprint With Your Daily Cup

Having a high-quality reusable coffee cup with a lid makes sustainability easier. If you’ll already be buying a coffee on your way to work, why not skip the disposable cup and reach for your stunning new Huskee cup?