PetitsTresors, trusted expertise. We find and deliver delicious, premium quality ingredients and sustainable products. Locally Sourced Chilli Oils, Huskeecups, Dehydrated Fruit and other luxurious pantry staples.

Renowned globally, Al Brown is a leading NZ Chef & Restaurateur. His vision extends beyond his restaurants. An entrepreneur, storyteller, and genuine person, he ventured into various successful ventures, including Depot, Federal Delicatessen, Best Ugly Bagels, TV shows, cookbooks, and unique products. Al's passion and creativity shine through his brand partnerships

Al Brown

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The artistry extends to perfectly aged miso, tenderly nurtured seaweed, and vibrant wasabi, captivating taste buds with their authentic depth and complexity. Immerse yourself in the harmonious symphony of flavours that define Artisan Japan food ingredients, a testament to the nation's culinary prowess and cultural heritage.

Artisan Japan

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Over the past decade, balsamic vinegar has become a widely popular ingredient, found in gourmet shops, supermarkets, restaurants and even fast-food restaurants. But what does balsamic vinegar entail? What makes it different from other types of wine vinegar? What role does it have in food preparation? There is much more to know about balsamic than meets the eye.

Balsamic VInegar

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Being unable to find that unique and special thing, Ivy decided to create her own. Loving it, Ivy bottled her unique burst of flavour for Christmas and shared it with her family and friends. Everyone loved it and wanted more, so Ivy set up her own small business, bottled it and now makes her own unique chilli garlic oil.

Chilli Oils

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Our fresh and locally sourced slices of lime, blood orange, lemon and ruby grapefruit, are dehydrated to order so that we can not only provide the freshest product.

Dehydrated Fruits

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Gutsy Ferments is a culinary treasure trove of handcrafted fermented delights. With a passion for preserving the art of fermentation, Gusty Ferments offers an array of probiotic-rich products that tantalize taste buds and nourish the body. Each creation is lovingly made with locally sourced, organic ingredients to ensure the highest quality and utmost flavor. From tangy sauerkraut to zesty kimchi and unique kombucha blends, Gusty Ferments delivers a symphony of tastes that celebrate the power of natural fermentation. Embrace the goodness of gut-friendly foods with Gusty Ferments, where tradition meets innovation for a delectable and healthful culinary experience.

Gutsy Ferments

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At Huskee, we design functional and beautiful products that utilise waste and recycled material to enable the transition to a waste-free world.

Huskee Cups

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We are committed to roasting the world's best coffee by using innovative and efficient roasting practices

Infinity Coffee

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The quality of this product starts with a rigorous selection of chili peppers, dried with oak wood in order to reach a perfect dehydration and, then made to get into the paprika wrapping, original box that will allow the smoked paprika to preserve its taste and aroma, preventing from any deterioration.

Las Hermanas Paprika

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Maldon's soft crunchy sea salt flakes have a fresh intensity and clean taste containing the perfect balance of natural minerals to enhance any dish. Approved by Organic Food Federation and Kosher certified. The smaller 125g format is perfect for retail, produce boxes and meal kits.

Maldon Salts

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From their signature chili sauces that elevate any dish to their fiery condiments that add a kick to every bite, Nomad Chilli Co promises an unforgettable gastronomic experience. Embark on a spicy adventure with their artisanal creations that celebrate the art of chili.

Nomad Chilli Co.

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The Olsson family have been making solar sea salt since 1948, and is the oldest family owned and operated sea salt maker in Australia. Olsson's Sea Salt Flakes are soft, sweet and delicate. This product is made from the pristine sea waters of the Great Australian Bight, is completely natural, chemical and preservative free and retains an exceptional sea salt taste

Olsson Sea Salts

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ST. ALi has been a trailblazer in the world of specialty coffee, serving as one of the pioneers who shaped the coffee scene in Melbourne. From its establishment in 2005, ST. ALi has been at the forefront of the industry, fostering direct relationships with farmers, expertly roasting beans in-house, and delivering exceptional coffee brewing experiences. Not only that, but their food offering is best-in-category, making them a true powerhouse in the coffee and culinary domain. ST. ALi's commitment to pushing boundaries continues to drive them forward, setting new standards for excellence in the specialty coffee realm.

St Ali

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Launched in 2007, Seven Seeds Coffee has become an icon in the Melbourne coffee culture. Simply, Seven Seeds roast, brew and supply outstanding coffee. We share their ethos about contributing to a sense of community, creating and sharing great coffee.

Seven Seeds

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St Ali

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