Our Petits Tresors’ commitment: We are Petits Tresors (Little Treasures) and our passion for the culinary arts ensures that we find for your enjoyment, high-quality ingredients sourced from Australian owned businesses either importing their favourite ingredients or sourcing the same locally to make authentic international dishes.  Indulge your senses with our collections and try our selection of recipes.  We are also on a mission to provide our treasured customers with access to local producers of other sustainable Little Treasures. We aim to have your selections of Petits Tresors delivered to your door in the quickest possible time at the most cost effective price.

At PetitsTresors, our passion for the culinary arts, ensuring that you savour high-quality ingredients sourced from Australian businesses who in turn Sourced their products for local suppliers. From authentic international dishes to delightful collections and recipes, indulge your senses with our offerings. Where possible our products a sustainable, where possible utilise waste and recycled material to enable the transition to a waste-free world.