Authentic Indian Spice Mixes

  • What types of Indian spice mixes does Petitstresors offer?
    Petitstresors offers a diverse range of authentic Indian spice blends, encompassing mixes from various regions of India. This includes favourites like Garam Masala, Chettinad blend, and Chaat Masala, among others.
  • How does Petitstresors ensure the authenticity of its spice mixes?
    Petitstresors sources spices from trusted suppliers who understand the nuances of Indian cuisine. The blends are crafted using traditional recipes passed down through generations, ensuring the flavours remain genuine.
  • Do the spice mixes from Petitstresors contain any additives or preservatives?
    No, Petitstresors prioritises purity and authenticity. Their spice mixes are free from artificial additives, colours, or preservatives.
  • How should I store the spice mixes to retain their freshness?
    To maintain the potency and flavour of the spice blends, store them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Ensure they are sealed in their original packaging or an airtight container.
  • Can I get recommendations on how to use a particular spice mix in cooking?
    Absolutely! Petitstresors' website offers recipe ideas and usage tips for each of their spice mixes, guiding both novices and seasoned cooks.
  • How much is the delivery charge for the spice mixes across Australia?
    Delivery charges vary based on your location and the size of the order. Visit the Petitstresors website for detailed shipping rates and potential free delivery offers.
  • How soon will my order of Indian spice mixes be delivered?
    Once placed, orders are typically dispatched within 1-2 business days. Delivery times may vary based on your Australian location, but Petitstresors provides an estimated delivery window during checkout.
  • What should I do if my order arrives damaged or if I receive the wrong spice mix?
    Petitstresors values customer satisfaction. If there's an issue with your order, immediately contact their customer service for assistance regarding replacements or refunds.
  • Is it possible to track my spice mix order?
    Yes, after dispatching your order, Petitstresors will provide a tracking number, allowing you to monitor the delivery status of your parcel.
  • Does Petitstresors offer international shipping for its spice mixes?
    While Petitstresors focuses primarily on Australia-wide delivery, it's best to get in touch with their customer service for any international shipping queries.
  • Can I order in bulk or for a special event?
    Certainly! Petitstresors caters to both individual and bulk orders. If you have a specific bulk requirement or event in mind, reach out to their customer support team for assistance.
  • Are there seasonal or limited-time spice mixes offered by Petitstresors?
    Petitstresors occasionally introduces special blends or limited-time offers based on festive seasons in India or customer demand. Keep an eye on their website or subscribe to their newsletter for updates.

For any additional questions or for a deeper dive into the rich world of Indian spices, Petitstresors' dedicated team is always on hand to guide and assist.

Petitstresors Dehydrated fruit
  • What varieties of dehydrated fruit does Petitstresors offer?
    Petitstresors offers a curated range of locally-sourced Australian dehydrated fruits, including tropical fruits like Lemons, limes, Orange, Pineapple and pears, and exotic selections like Freeze Dried Blueberries, Strawberries and raspberries whole or broken. Check their website for a detailed list.
  • How are the fruits dehydrated for Petitstresors?
    Petitstresors collaborates with local farmers who use traditional dehydration techniques. This ensures that the fruits retain maximum flavour and nutritional value without the use of artificial additives.
  • Do Petitstresors dehydrated fruits contain added sugars or preservatives?
    No, Petitstresors emphasises on providing a natural product. Their dehydrated fruits are free from added sugars, artificial flavours, or preservatives.
  • How long can I store the dehydrated fruits from Petitstresors?
    When stored in a cool, dry place and in their original packaging, Petitstresors' dehydrated fruits can last several months. However, always check the product's best before date.
  • How does Petitstresors ensure quality in their dehydrated fruits?
    Petitstresors collaborates closely with local farmers and producers, ensuring that only the finest fruits undergo the dehydration process. Each batch undergoes quality checks before it reaches the customer.
  • Can I order bulk quantities of dehydrated fruits from Petitstresors for events or businesses?
    Yes, Petitstresors caters to both individual and bulk orders. It's recommended to contact their customer service for bulk order inquiries.
  • What are the delivery charges for Petitstresors’ products?
    Delivery charges can vary based on your location in Australia and the size of your order. Check their website for a detailed breakdown or any ongoing free delivery promotions.
  • How soon can I expect my order of dehydrated fruits to be delivered?
    Typically, orders are dispatched within 1-2 business days. Depending on your location in Australia, delivery times may vary. Petitstresors provides an estimated delivery time at checkout.
  • What if I receive a damaged package or am not satisfied with my order?
    Petitstresors prioritises customer satisfaction. Should you encounter any issues with your order, contact their customer service team who will assist with replacements or refunds.
  • Can I track my order of dehydrated fruits?
    Absolutely. Once your order has been dispatched, Petitstresors will provide you with a tracking number, allowing you to monitor your order's journey to your doorstep.
  • Does Petitstresors deliver outside of Australia?
    While Petitstresors primarily focuses on Australia-wide delivery, it's best to contact their customer service for inquiries regarding international shipments.
  • Are there any seasonal dehydrated fruits that Petitstresors offers for a limited time?
    Yes, given the nature of fruit seasons in Australia, some dehydrated fruits might be available only for a limited period. Stay updated by subscribing to Petitstresors' newsletter or checking their website.
Pukara Estate's Oils, Vinegars
  • What is Pukara Estate known for?
    Pukara Estate is renowned for its premium quality olive oils and balsamic vinegars, produced in the Hunter Valley region of Australia. Their products are a testament to artisanal craftsmanship, sustainability, and local sourcing.
  • How are Pukara Estate's olive oils different from other brands?
    Pukara Estate's olive oils are produced using olives picked at their prime and processed immediately to retain freshness and aroma. Their dedication to quality and sustainability sets them apart.
  • Can I use Pukara Estate's balsamic vinegar for cooking as well as dressings?
    Pukara Estate's balsamic vinegars are versatile and can be used both for cooking and as dressings. Their rich flavour profile enhances marinades, sauces, and salads.
  • Does Petitstresors stock all Pukara Estate products?
    Petitstresors aims to offer a comprehensive range of Pukara Estate's most popular olive oils and balsamic vinegars. For specific product availability, it's best to check Petitstresors' website or contact their customer service.
  • How does Petitstresors ensure the quality of Pukara Estate products during delivery?
    Petitstresors takes utmost care in packaging and transporting Pukara Estate products. They ensure that the bottles are securely packed to prevent breakage or leakage during transit.
  • How long does it take for Petitstresors to deliver Pukara Estate products Australia-wide?
    Delivery times may vary depending on your location in Australia. However, Petitstresors prides itself on its efficient delivery system. Typically, orders are dispatched within 1-2 business days, with a delivery estimate provided at checkout.
  • Is there a delivery charge for Pukara Estate products via Petitstresors?
    Delivery charges can vary based on order size and your location. It's advisable to check Petitstresors' website for detailed delivery charges or any ongoing free delivery promotions.
  • What if my Pukara Estate product arrives damaged?
    Petitstresors prioritises customer satisfaction. In the unlikely event that your product arrives damaged, contact their customer service immediately for assistance and potential replacements or refunds.
  • Are there any storage recommendations for Pukara Estate's oils and vinegars after delivery?
    It's best to store Pukara Estate's olive oils in a cool, dark place, away from direct sunlight. Balsamic vinegars, on the other hand, can be stored at room temperature but should be kept away from heat sources.
  • Can I order Pukara Estate products from Petitstresors for gifting purposes?
    Petitstresors offers gifting options for Pukara Estate products. They can also include a personalised note upon request.
  • How can I track my Pukara Estate order from Petitstresors?
    Once your order is dispatched, Petitstresors will provide a tracking number via email. You can use this number on their website or the respective courier's site to track your order's progress.
  • Are there any promotions or discounts when ordering Pukara Estate products from Petitstresors?
    Petitstresors occasionally offers promotions or discounts. It's advisable to subscribe to their newsletter or check their website regularly for any ongoing offers on Pukara Estate products.

For any other queries or specific concerns, it's always best to get in touch directly with Petitstresors' customer service. They are more than happy to assist and ensure that your experience is seamless and satisfactory.


  • What is a HuskeeCup?
    The HuskeeCup is an innovative and sustainable coffee cup made from the waste husk of coffee beans. Not only does it showcase a unique design, but it also helps reduce the environmental impact of discarded coffee husks.
  • Who is Petitstresors?
    Petitstresors is a distinguished delivery service operating in Australia, partnering with various premium brands, including HuskeeCup, to offer convenient Australia-wide delivery.
  • Can I order HuskeeCup to be delivered anywhere in Australia via Petitstresors?
    Absolutely! Thanks to Petitstresors, you can now have HuskeeCup delivered to any location within Australia, bridging the gap between sustainability and convenience.
  • How can I purchase a HuskeeCup through Petitstresors?
    Simply visit the Petitstresors website or their mobile app, browse the available selection, choose your preferred HuskeeCup size and quantity, and then proceed to checkout.
  • Are there specific delivery fees associated with HuskeeCup orders?
    Delivery fees can vary based on your exact location within Australia and the quantity ordered. It's best to refer to the Petitstresors website or contact their customer service for detailed pricing.
  • What is the expected delivery time for my HuskeeCup?
    While Petitstresors consistently aims for speedy deliveries, the exact timeframe can depend on your location in Australia and the current order volume. After placing an order, you should receive an estimated delivery date.
  • How is the HuskeeCup packaged for delivery to ensure it doesn't break?
    Petitstresors ensures that all products, including the HuskeeCup, are securely packaged to withstand transit rigours. They utilise protective packaging materials to minimise any risk of damage during transportation.
  • Will I be able to track my HuskeeCup order once it's dispatched?
    Yes, Petitstresors provides a tracking facility for all its deliveries. After your HuskeeCup has been dispatched, you'll receive a tracking number, allowing you to monitor its journey.
  • What if my HuskeeCup arrives damaged?
    Petitstresors places great emphasis on customer satisfaction. If your HuskeeCup arrives damaged, contact their customer service team immediately, and they will assist in resolving the issue.
  • Does Petitstresors offer any discounts or deals on bulk orders of HuskeeCups?
    While Petitstresors may occasionally have promotions or discounts, it's wise to regularly check their website or subscribe to their newsletter for the latest offers on HuskeeCup and other products.
  • Can I set up a subscription or regular delivery of HuskeeCups through Petitstresors?
    Petitstresors primarily deals with single orders. However, if you're interested in a bulk purchase or regular delivery, it's advisable to contact their customer service to discuss potential arrangements.
  • Do HuskeeCups come with any warranty or guarantee when ordered through Petitstresors?
    The warranty or guarantee of a product typically comes from the manufacturer, in this case, HuskeeCup. When purchasing through Petitstresors, ensure you retain all documentation and receipts, and refer to HuskeeCup's official warranty terms for any claims or concerns.

St Ali Coffee

  • What is St Ali Coffee?
    St Ali Coffee is a leading specialty coffee roaster and café situated in Melbourne. It's renowned for its unwavering dedication to quality, innovation, and the ethical sourcing of beans.
  • Who is Petitstresors?
    Petitstresors is an esteemed delivery service provider, teaming up with brands like St Ali to make Australia-wide delivery seamless, ensuring that top-tier products like St Ali Coffee reach customers across the country.
  • Can I have St Ali Coffee delivered to any location in Australia?
    Indeed, St Ali Coffee, in partnership with Petitstresors, offers a nationwide delivery service, allowing you to enjoy Melbourne's rich coffee culture no matter where you are in Australia.
  • How do I order St Ali Coffee via Petitstresors?
    Placing an order is simple. Navigate to the Petitstresors website or app, sift through their coffee offerings, select your desired St Ali product, and head to checkout.
  • Are there specific delivery charges for St Ali Coffee orders?
    Delivery charges might fluctuate based on your geographical location and the volume of your order. It's advisable to reference the Petitstresors website or reach out to their customer service for explicit details.
  • What's the typical delivery timeframe for St Ali Coffee?
    While Petitstresors consistently aims for prompt deliveries, the exact timeframe might hinge on your Australian location and current order volume. Post-order, you should be furnished with an anticipated delivery date.
  • Is the St Ali Coffee delivered by Petitstresors guaranteed to be fresh?
    Both St Ali and Petitstresors prioritise the freshness and quality of each coffee order. The beans are freshly roasted, swiftly packaged, and dispatched to guarantee they arrive in optimal condition.
  • Will I be able to track my St Ali Coffee order once it's en route?
    Yes, Petitstresors provides an order tracking service. Upon dispatch of your St Ali Coffee, you'll be issued a tracking number, enabling you to oversee its progress.
  • What if my order arrives damaged or there's a product mix-up?
    Petitstresors is committed to exceptional customer service. Should you face any discrepancies with your order, such as damaged goods or incorrect items, it's essential to promptly contact their customer service team for redress.
  • Apart from coffee, does Petitstresors deliver other St Ali products across Australia?
    While St Ali is principally celebrated for its coffee, any supplementary products or collaborations available for delivery will be featured on Petitstresors' platform. It's prudent to keep an eye on their product listings.
  • Is there an option for a regular St Ali Coffee subscription delivery via Petitstresors?
    For those desiring a consistent coffee supply, it's worth checking Petitstresors' website or contacting their customer service to see if they facilitate subscription services specific to St Ali Coffee.
  • Is the collaboration between St Ali and Petitstresors an exclusive one?
    The alliance primarily focuses on widening the reach of St Ali Coffee throughout Australia. For intricate details on any exclusivity terms or collaborations with other brands, it would be best to peruse both St Ali's and Petitstresors' official websites or official statements.Seven Seeds Coffee
  • What is Seven Seeds Coffee?
    Seven Seeds Coffee is a distinguished coffee roaster and café based in Melbourne, known for its commitment to quality, innovation, and ethical sourcing of beans from the world's primary coffee-growing regions.
  • Who is Petitstresors?
    Petitstresors is a delivery service that collaborates with brands like Seven Seeds to facilitate Australia-wide delivery, ensuring that premium products reach consumers no matter where they are in the country.
  • Can I get Seven Seeds Coffee delivered anywhere in Australia?
    Yes, through their collaboration with Petitstresors, Seven Seeds Coffee can now be delivered Australia-wide, bringing Melbourne's coffee culture straight to your doorstep.
  • How do I place an order for Seven Seeds Coffee through Petitstresors?
    You can place an order through the Petitstresors website or app. Simply browse through their coffee selection, choose your preferred Seven Seeds product, and proceed to checkout.
  • What are the delivery charges for ordering Seven Seeds Coffee?
    Delivery charges may vary based on your location and the quantity ordered. It's best to check Petitstresors' website or contact their customer service for precise details.
  • How long will it take for my Seven Seeds Coffee to be delivered?
    Typically, Petitstresors aims for swift deliveries. However, the exact duration might depend on your location in Australia and the current demand. Once your order is placed, you should receive an estimated delivery date.
  • Is the coffee delivered by Petitstresors fresh?
    The collaboration between Seven Seeds and Petitstresors prioritises the freshness and quality of the coffee. The beans are freshly roasted, packaged, and dispatched to ensure you receive them in prime condition.
  • Can I track my order once it's been dispatched?
    Yes, Petitstresors provides a tracking service for all orders. Once your Seven Seeds Coffee is dispatched, you should receive a tracking number, allowing you to monitor its journey to you.
  • What if I receive a damaged package or incorrect product?
    Petitstresors prides itself on customer satisfaction. If you encounter any issues with your order, such as damaged packaging or incorrect items, it's recommended to contact their customer service immediately for assistance.
  • Besides coffee, are there other Seven Seeds products available for delivery through Petitstresors?
    While Seven Seeds is primarily known for its coffee, any additional products or collaborations made available for delivery will be listed on the Petitstresors platform. It's advisable to regularly check their offerings.
  • Can I set up a regular subscription for Seven Seeds Coffee delivery?
    Many coffee aficionados love a regular supply. Check Petitstresors' website or contact their customer support to see if they offer subscription services for Seven Seeds Coffee.
  • Is the partnership between Seven Seeds and Petitstresors exclusive?
    The collaboration is primarily focused on ensuring the wide reach of Seven Seeds Coffee across Australia. For details on any exclusivity or other partnered brands, you might want to explore both Seven Seeds' and Petitstresors' official communications or websites.
  1. ST. ALi Capsules Tips and FAQ Having trouble with your ST. ALi Capsules? Here are some helpful tips and FAQ's 1. Which coffee machines can I use your capsules with? Our capsules are compatible with all the current Nespresso® Classic machines on the market, Fyllo and Opal One. This includes but is not limited to: Lattissima Innissia Pixie Citiz Creatista Essensa Essensa- Mini Nespresso®* latest machines the Pixie, U & Inissia have redesigned their blades. We can also confirm our capsules are compatible with all these machines
  2.  Are the capsules also compatible with other systems and machines? No sorry! Our capsules are only compatible with the Nespresso®* system.
  3.  Is the warranty on my machine still valid if I use your capsules? Absolutely. The warranty on your machine is not dependent on the capsules used in the machine. This must be honoured by the manufacturer.
  4.  Can your capsules damage my Nespresso®* machine? No. Our capsules have been specially developed for use with the Nespresso®* system and are made of a flexible, yielding material. All tests show our capsules do not damage your machine in any way. However be sure to regularly maintain your coffee machine, as this is essential to ensure the quality of the coffee extracted. Please note that ST. ALi will not be held responsible for any damage sustained to your capsule machine while using our capsules.
  5. How long can I store my capsules? We recommend you use the capsule within 12 months of its manufacture date to ensure you experience the full flavour and aroma of our specialty grade coffee.
  6.  How do you ensure freshness? Our coffee is roasted, ground, and packed right here in Australia. It is packed within days of roasting and seconds of grinding. It is the freshest capsule you can get in Australia. Our manufacturing and packing process extracts over 99% of the oxygen from the capsule then wraps it in an airtight aluminium foil, retaining flavours and aromas in an optimally modified, shelf-stable atmosphere.
  7. Where are your capsules made? The freshly roasted coffee is ground and packed at a state of the art factory in Alexandria, NSW. Our capsules are produced from fresh, high-grade specialty coffee.
  8. What water should I use? Good water quality is essential for a good coffee. We recommend you use filtered water—and remember to refill the water tank regularly!
  9. How should I prepare my coffee? To get the best possible extraction, we recommend you purge your machine and heat your cup before making a coffee. This can be done in one easy step by running hot water from your machine into your cup two or three times (without inserting a capsule). Pour out the hot water and proceed to make your espresso. This does a few things that will enhance the taste of your coffee: Heats the cup. Warms the coffee machine to an optimum temperature for brewing. Clears the machine of any buildup of old water in the system
  10. What coffee should I choose? Different coffee varieties vary dramatically in taste, flavour, aroma, and intensity, so each capsule in our range has its own unique characteristics. They are all profiled to Australian tastes offering a variety of flavours and intensities. Check the descriptors on the box for more details.
  11. How do I make an authentic espresso? Our capsules and coffee have been developed to deliver a true, classic espresso. To enjoy a real espresso, it is advisable to extract a 25ml shot of coffee. The extraction time for this is usually between 12-18 seconds of coffee flow depending on the coffee. You can extend this to a 40ml shot, but the balance of flavour and intensity will be different. Extraction time on a 40ml shot will be between 18-30 seconds.
  12. How do I make a long coffee? For best results, you should fill a cup with as much hot water as you desire and then extract a capsule into the hot water as normal. You may wish to extract two capsules for more flavour and intensity.
  13. How do I make a double espresso? Use two capsules one after the other to ensure the balance of flavour. You really shouldn't use the same capsule twice—this will adversely affect flavour and intensity.
  14. My machine seems difficult to close, is this normal? Check that the capsule is seated in the holder correctly if it seems a bit stiffer than normal. Our capsules are made of a thin food grade aluminium and it will buckle and cause resistance if they are sitting wrong and pressure is applied incorrectly. Place the capsule in the machine, don't just drop it in. Make sure it is placed in the machine so the chamber fits neatly over the capsule. Close the lid carefully ensuring it stays in the correct position throughout.
  15. My machine is still dripping at the end of the extraction, is this normal? Yes, this is normal and is not a sign of any damage to the machine. We aim to get a longer extraction time in order to release all the flavours and aromas of the coffee. A good extraction time for a traditional espresso style coffee is up to 20 seconds. The coffee may drip through or extract slower than a Nespresso®* capsule. This is quite normal. Remember, coffee is a natural product and preparation time can vary accordingly.
  16. My coffee takes a long time to pour. Is that normal? Yes, that is completely normal. Our capsules can extract slower than Nespresso®* capsules. Extraction time can be up to 20 seconds depending on variant, your machine type & the extraction volume.
  17. My coffee takes a short time to pour. Is that normal? This is also completely normal. Extraction time can be as low as 8 seconds depending on the variant, your machine type & the extraction volume.
  18. Capsules do not eject automatically? In general, we recommend each capsule be ejected after coffee preparation. If this is not done, the capsule may contract and expand with cooling and heating of the machine, lodging in the barrel. If this happens, the capsule should be carefully pried out of the barrel using either a spoon, blunt knife, or tweezer. Occasionally, because of the material they are made from, our capsules may deform slightly under high pressure and not eject automatically. In this case, raise the lever on your machine and manually press the capsule down lightly or move the lever back and forth slightly. This will free the capsule, with your machine ready for the next capsule.
  19. The lever on my machine wont open If your machine lever wont open turn the power off, remove the power plug and wait for the pressure to release and the machine to cool down (this could take up to an hour) before attempting to open the machine. Damage to a machine from use of excessive force or while the machine is still pressurised will be the owner's liability
  20. My machine is blinking and won’t make coffee? Check to see if the used capsule collection bin is full. If so, empty it. Check water level. If necessary, refill. Occasionally, after preparing several coffees in a short space of time, your machine may go into calibration mode. This is necessary for the machine to cool down so the next coffee will be extracted at the optimum temperature. This is not a defect in the machine. After a few minutes, the blinking will stop and the machine will be ready for the next coffee.
  • 21. The capsule ruptured.Why is this? The capsules expand when they are introduced to hot water under high pressure. In rare cases, this can lead to separation of the aluminium foil lid. Please check for visible residue on the filter plate and remove it. We recommend you purge the coffee machine before making the next cup of coffee. This can prevent coffee grains from flowing into the next cup of coffee. 22. When the capsule is inserted it falls directly into the capsule holder. What should I do? Simply use the same capsule again. For best results, place the capsule in the capsule holder slowly and at a slight angle, then close the lever. 23. I have coffee grinds in the cup. Why is this? Our coffee is very finely ground. Occasionally a few of the finest particles of coffee may get past the filter plate and extract along with the coffee into the cup. Coffee is a natural product and this will not affect your health. By purging the machine, the remaining coffee grains may be flushed out of the machine.


Proud Mary Coffee

  • What is Proud Mary Coffee?
    Proud Mary Coffee is an esteemed specialty coffee roaster and café hailing from Melbourne, lauded for its meticulous attention to bean quality, innovative brewing techniques, and commitment to sustainable sourcing.
  • Who is Petitstresors?
    Petitstresors is a reputable delivery service, collaborating with premium brands such as Proud Mary to facilitate effortless Australia-wide delivery, ensuring that customers across the country can enjoy top-notch products.
  • Can I have Proud Mary Coffee delivered anywhere in Australia?
    Certainly! In partnership with Petitstresors, Proud Mary Coffee now offers nationwide delivery, allowing Australians to savour Melbourne's vibrant coffee scene from any corner of the continent.
  • How can I order Proud Mary Coffee through Petitstresors?
    To place an order, visit the Petitstresors website or mobile app, browse through the coffee selection, pick your preferred Proud Mary variant, and proceed to checkout.
  • What are the delivery fees for ordering Proud Mary Coffee?
    Delivery charges can vary based on your location within Australia and the size of your order. For precise costs, it's recommended to consult the Petitstresors website or get in touch with their customer service.
  • How long should I expect to wait for my Proud Mary Coffee delivery?
    While Petitstresors consistently strives for timely deliveries, the specific duration might be influenced by your Australian locale and the prevailing order volume. After placing an order, an estimated delivery date should be provided.
  • Will the Proud Mary Coffee I receive from Petitstresors be fresh?
    Both Proud Mary and Petitstresors hold the freshness and quality of the coffee in high regard. Beans are freshly roasted, promptly packaged, and dispatched, ensuring you get them in their prime state.
  • Is there a tracking feature for my Proud Mary Coffee order?
    Yes, Petitstresors offers an order tracking mechanism. Once your Proud Mary Coffee is dispatched, you'll be allocated a tracking code to monitor its journey to your doorstep.
  • What should I do if my order is damaged or if I receive the wrong product?
    Petitstresors prioritises customer satisfaction. In case of any discrepancies with your order, such as damaged items or incorrect products, it's imperative to contact their customer service swiftly for resolution.
  • Do Petitstresors deliver other Proud Mary products besides coffee?
    While Proud Mary is primarily recognised for its coffee, additional products or collaborations they might have can be found listed on the Petitstresors platform. It's wise to periodically scan their offerings.
  • Can I arrange a recurring subscription for Proud Mary Coffee via Petitstresors?
    For those keen on a regular caffeine fix, it's advisable to check Petitstresors' website or liaise with their customer support to discern if they provide subscription options tailored to Proud Mary Coffee.
  • Is the alliance between Proud Mary and Petitstresors an exclusive arrangement?
    The collaboration chiefly focuses on amplifying the accessibility of Proud Mary Coffee across Australia. For detailed insights on exclusivity or other brand collaborations, consulting both Proud Mary's and Petitstresors' official channels would be most informative.

When burning your soy wax candles, we want it to be an enjoyable experience for you. Please ensure you burn your candles in accordance with the warning label.

How to get maximum burn time from your soy wax candle

  • Light your candle and make sure you burn it until it reaches to the outer edge of the jar. This creates a memory and ensures that you get maximum burn time out of your jar.
  • You should only ever burn a candle for a maximum 2-3 hours. Vessels with narrow openings should only be burnt for maximum 1 hour.
  • To extinguish your soy wax candle, dip your wick at ensure it doesn’t create any smoke
  • Before relighting, always trim your wick. This will ensure your wick does not mushroom and that your jar does not go black.
  • Always leave approximately half an inch of hardened wax in the bottom of your jar as glass can overheat and crack.

To prevent fire and personal injury

  • Always burn your candles where you can see them.
  • Keep candles out of reach of children and pets.
  • Never burn candles on or near anything that can catch on fire.
  • Always trim your wick 1/4 inch after use. This will ensure you wick does not move from the centre. Discard candle if wick moves and touches the glass vessel.
  • Burn candles in a well-ventilated area and keep away from drafts.
  • Do not attempt to move your candle once it is burning.
  • Discontinue burning your candles once approximately 1/4 inch(13mm) of hardened wax remains.
  • Clean out your vessel in warm soapy water and repurpose or refill.

Please note never burn a candle if your glass vessel appears to be broken or cracked in any way.

Soy wax candle care & safety tips

  • Here are some tips to ensure your hand poured, vegan friendly, soy wax candles perform at their best and last for as long as possible.

    What is soy wax?
  • Soy wax is a clean burning renewable source of wax that is a by-product of the soya bean.  Soy wax has a lower melting point and burn temperature than paraffin wax.
  • Refined soy wax has perfect qualities for blending colour dyes and fragrance oils into candles. Because of these properties, soy wax has a long slow burn that promotes a larger wax pool around the wick of the candle and enhances a clean release of aroma - one of the main advantages of soy wax candles.
  • The lower burn temperature is another reason that soy wax are a popular choice for candle jars. It’s a popular ingredient in oil burners because of their long-lasting scent. Pillar candles made of soy wax need a paraffin wax blend to keep their shape. Natural biodegradable soy wax is much easier to clean than paraffin wax using soapy water.

What is the difference between candles made from paraffin wax and soy wax?

  • Paraffin wax is a petroleum by-product and has a long and high temperature burn. Soy wax candles are made from soybean extracts and have a lower burn temperature.

What should i look for in a good quality soy wax candle?

  • Trial and test until you find what you like.  Your personal taste will determine what fragrance and aroma you like best.  We have selected blends we hope might relax and please you.

Why choose soy wax candles?      

  • Scented or fragrant soy candles can create a peaceful mood and atmosphere. They also mask and can eliminate unwanted odours.  Soy wax candles also burn at a cooler temperature. A cooler temperature means quick melting and faster release of fragrance.

Can i reduce the smoke once i blow my candle out?

  • Yes you can. There are two good candle accessories on the market to consider: a wick dipper or a candle snuffer. Both work to prevent smoke and wicks from drifting off centre. These will also keep the fragrance stronger and less toxic when either relighting them or blowing them out.


  • Candles are sensitive to temperature and light. Avoid cracking and melting of your soy wax candles by storing them in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight, dust and fluorescent light. Store your candles in an upright position and don’t leave your candles in your car on a warm day. Also, keep your candles covered when not in use to avoid dust building up.
  • Remember, candles are a lifestyle choice and care should be taken when burning soy wax candles. Don’t leave them unattended. Keep them out of the reach of children and pets. Always position candles on a flat and heat resistance surface.

Why should i avoid draughts when burning my candle?

  • Candles burn best in still air but if you can’t avoid draughts, turn the candle periodically to avoid uneven burning and possible candle collapse. A candle in a draught may also start to smoke.

Is there a recommended burn time for my soy wax candles?

  • The recommended burn time for soy candles is no more than 2-3 hours at a time.

Should i do a “first burn” with my new soy wax candles?

  • Yes, we recommend doing a first burn with any new candle. A “first burn” is when you light a candle for the first time and burn it for a number of hours until a full soy wax pool has formed at the top of the candle. By doing this you will get a long even burn without creating tunnelling. Once this has happened, you are free to blow your soy candle out if desired.

What do i do when my soy wax candle is not burning evenly?

  • When more wax can melt than the flame can burn, this makes the wick black. This is called “mushrooming” and occurs with 100% cotton wicks or wooden wicks. Blow your soy candle out, trim the wick, and light it again for an even and efficient burn. Try not to let your wick cuttings fall into the wax pool.

What happens when my soy wax candle has bubbles?

  • These spots are most likely caused by air bubbles that have formed when the candle was first poured. This is normal to see in natural soy candles and can happen when any candle is poured, regardless of the quality. When this happens, the candle is NOT faulty and the burn time will remain unaffected.

How often should i trim the wick of my soy candles?

  • Trim your wick after every burn. Do not trim the wick too much as a short wick will create smoke and uneven burning. Approximately 6-10mm should prevent mushrooming.

How long should i wait before i can relight my soy wax candles?

  • Allow your candle to cool down before you relight it. This allows the wax pool to solidify and keep an even burn throughout the life of the soy candle.

Why is there a gap between the candle container and the soy wax? 

  • When the wax is poured during production it may cool too quickly, depending on weather conditions. Occasionally this may create a small gap between the container and the wax. This small gap should disappear once you start using the candle.

Why is there soot in my candle jar?

  • Soot can gather in your candle jar when you have allowed the flame to become too large. If your candle has gathered soot, clean it using a dry paper towel. Only do this once the candle flame has been extinguished and the jar has cooled.

Should i burn soy wax candles all the way to the bottom of the jar?

  • While burning your soy wax candle, the glass jar will become very hot. If this continues all the way to the bottom of the jar, it may break. To prevent any safety issues, burn your soy candles to about 1cm from the bottom of the jar and remember to use a candle plate or a similar heat resistant surface to place your soy candles on.

How to wash your container once the whole candle has melted?

  • Soy wax is water soluble so you can wash our soy candle jars with hot soapy water. However, never pour your wax into a drain as the wax will solidify and clog your sink.

Can i recycle my soy wax candle container?

  • Our soy wax candle jars are made of glass, they can weaken after prolonged periods of heat.  We suggest you do not reuse your used soy wax candle jars for new candles, but either recycle them safely or repurpose them as storage jars, pots for air plants, pencil jars, vases, etc.