Based in Melbourne, Petits Tresors takes pride in presenting niche products that demonstrate our values of sustainability and being staunch advocates of local business.  Our customers are important to us and we are committed to providing them with the highest levels of service nationally and overseas.


At Petits Tresors we are passionate about finding little treasures that help reduce the impact of waste on our planet.

A spotlight on HuskeeCups

HuskeeCups are made from coffee husk by-products and align perfectly with continuing campaigns to reduce the use of plastics and single-use disposable alternatives.  It is estimated that 1,300,000 coffees are sold daily in Australia and many served in single-use paper cups, HuskeeCups are stylish, resuable, dishwasher proof, resistant to shattering and keep coffee hot without burning your hands.

The choices we make and actions we take collectively can make a HUGE difference.  The packaging of many of our products is recyclable and can also be repurposed. 

Recycling in your glass recycling bin is great, however the most eco-friendly approach is to reuse.

Glass jars can be reused for pantry storage, craft room, to keep screws, nails and bolts in or even as flower or herb vases.

We continuously search for ways to expand our brand and business in ways where we and our customers can improve our positive impact.

Local Business

Petits Tresors is an advocate for Australian business.  We search for innovative local producers and suppliers and promote them, whether based in Melbourne, Ballarat or interstate and we look for the best products we can find to share those little treasures with our customers. 

Supporting small and local businesses helps to create local employment and stimulate economic growth and prosperity in our community.

Our Commitment to Customer Service

Petits Tresors is committed to delivering on our promises. 

  • We can pack and ship any of our products to any location nationally and overseas
  • We have no minimum order value
  • We offer competitive freight rates and most items can be shipped domestically for under $10
  • Next day shipping available

Our Products

Aside from offering a range of sustainable coffee cups, we search for key ingredients to satisfy our customers’ culinary aspirations, focusing on different cuisines including:

  • Chilli Oils and sauces, salt, spices and other condiments
  • Specialist rice – traditional Japanese, Chinese and Spanish
  • Coffee – Seven Seeds, St Ali, Proud Mary and others
  • Dehydrated fruit
  • Olive Oils and balsamic vinegars

We also publish a growing range of suggested recipes, whether for cocktails, main or accompanying dishes.