Olsson's Salt | Native Citrus Cocktail Salt 120g


Take your Cocktails to the next level with Olsson’s Cocktail Salt featuring crisp Australian Sea Salt Flakes, pretty pink plum powder & tangy lemon myrtle . Salt intensifies the sweet and sour flavours in a cocktail. Also, salt tempers any bitterness, which in turn makes sweetness and sourness seem brighter, and the drink all the more delectable.

Crafting the Perfect Cocktail: The Art of Salting

When it comes to adding Olsson’s Salt's Native Citrus Cocktail Salt to your concoctions, precision is key. A tiny pinch or drop of this artisanal salt can work wonders in elevating your cocktail experience. Scientifically, at subthreshold levels, salt has the fascinating ability to enhance the perception of sourness. Mixologists often attest that just a drop or two of saline can remarkably "brighten" the flavour of a drink, particularly those featuring citrus notes.

So, how much salt do you put in a cocktail?

It's all about finding that delicate balance, a subtle enhancement that doesn't overpower but rather accentuates the existing flavours. The Native Citrus Cocktail Salt from Olssons Salt, available at PetitsTresors.com.au, is designed for this nuanced approach. With a mere touch, you can transform your libations into a symphony of taste, where every note is harmonized with precision.

Experiment with this mixological secret and let the Native Citrus Cocktail Salt redefine your understanding of cocktail perfection. Order now and embark on a journey where a hint of salt becomes the signature touch that distinguishes your mixology prowess.