Here we are again at the end of a long week

Here we are again at the end of a long week, but we are up for it -  after getting dropped off in the middle of the road by our uber driver and not really knowing where we were going.  While walking in the wrong direction we noticed a little hole in the wall takeaway called Brotherhood Yiros & Grill.  We didn’t take too much notice of the queue waiting for their amazing food (as we later discovered) on a desperately cold Antarctic Melbourne night.

After a recheck with Google and walking down the street 50 metres, we have just found and parked ourselves at Lay Low in Seddon - a Cocktail bar new to us and close to home as we begin this post.  There couldn’t be a better place to write our blog about cocktails than at a cocktail bar, though I doubt we’ll be writing for much longer….  Starting off with a Gin and Tonic with a couple of slices of dehydrated lemons (they do it too!), my partner is the happiest I’ve seen her all day!  Maybe even all week.

Back to the cocktails.  They have a great range of gins, so let’s start with Dart – a locally made gin in London dry style with the dehydrated lemons setting off the flavour of the gin with panache.

Next up was the House favourite, a Purple Lady….  Apparently this was impossible to sip and much better to drink pretty well all at once.

Now waiting for the Lay Low Sour – which we hope is as fab as the Pisco Sours in Peru.  

Don’t forget the Tokyo Sling - Escubac, Midori, Pineapple, Citrus, Orange Blossom, Soda and make sure you add the cream.  This also comes garnished with dehydrated pineapple. For those who are unaware of “Escubac” it is gin-like, made with a variety of botanicals without the use of juniper, having a natural sweetness with a depth of flavour.

For all you Gin lovers out there, next time you go to buy some Gin, grab a bottle of Escubac instead;  take it home and try this for a very pleasant surprise:

1 x Shot Escubac

Top with tonic water

With or without Ice

Garnish with dehydrated lime

This cocktail bar hopping could turn in to a weekly event for us - off to some random bar in Melbourne and running through their cocktail menu just for fun.

By the way, we recommend the Trio of Dips with homemade pitta bread from Brotherhood Yiros & Grill.  When it arrived, my first reaction was to say that THIS is what Tzatziki should taste like!  Their food doesn’t just get served from a hole in the wall, but also at Lay Low and it would have been worth standing in the cold for too.

On a personal note, my Espresso Martini is well shaken, very cold and it is time to drink! BYE FOR NOW

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