Infinity Coffee Roasters: Brewing Passion in Hornsby, NSW

Welcome to the heart and soul of Infinity Coffee Roasters, an artisanal collective based in the bustling town of Hornsby, New South Wales. Led by the seasoned duo of award-winning roaster and barista Frankie Shi and coffee connoisseur Tony Macri, Infinity Coffee embodies a genuine love for exceptional coffee. From freely sharing coffee knowledge to sourcing globally for in-season specialty beans, they are more than a roastery; they are a community fostering a deep passion for extraordinary coffee experiences. Join us on a flavourful journey with Infinity Coffee at PetitsTresors. ☕🌐 #InfinityCoffee #SpecialtyCoffee #CoffeePassion #HornsbyNSW

Infinity Coffee Roasters | White Owl Blend: Unveiling Floral Elegance

Embark on a sensory adventure with the White Owl Blend, an ongoing masterpiece crafted by the Tulip.Shi Team at Infinity Coffee Roasters. This unique blend, predominantly featuring naturally processed Heirloom coffee from Ethiopia, offers a delightful fusion of white floral notes, plum, jasmine tea, dark cherry, and orange acidity. Designed to showcase the floral and fruity aspects of coffee, the blend evolves seasonally, promising a fresh and captivating experience in every cup.

Exploring the White Owl Blend: A Symphony of Flavors

Varietal Harmony: This blend boasts a harmonious marriage of Heirloom and Bourbon varietals sourced from Ethiopia, Colombia, Central America, and India.

Medium Roast Magic: Gently toasted to a medium roast, the beans unlock a balanced and medium-bodied profile that elevates the overall coffee experience.

Tasting Notes Extravaganza: Indulge in a sensory journey with tasting notes that dance on your palate—white floral, plum, medium body, jasmine tea, and a symphony of dark cherry and orange acidity.

Crafting Excellence: Washed Processing Unveiled

The magic begins with the washed processing method, meticulously employed to extract the beans from the coffee cherry. This technique ensures consistency and efficiency, reducing acidity while maintaining the brightness of the beans. The result? A medium-bodied blend that envelops your senses in a delightful aroma with every sip.

Metrics That Matter: A Coffee Lover's Guide

Body Brilliance: Revel in a medium-bodied coffee that enhances the overall aroma and mouthfeel, offering a balanced and satisfying experience.

Acidity Delight: Experience the beauty of medium acidity, a testament to the washed process that provides a consistent and enjoyable flavour profile.

Aromatic Symphony: Immerse yourself in the captivating aroma of white florals, plum, jasmine tea, and a subtle hint of orange acidity.

After-Taste Elegance: The White Owl Blend leaves a lingering medium aftertaste, ensuring the final notes are as delightful as the first sip.

In every cup of White Owl Blend, Infinity Coffee Roasters invites you to savour not just a beverage but a crafted masterpiece that reflects their commitment to quality, passion, and the pursuit of unparalleled coffee experiences. ☕🌈 #InfinityFlavors #WhiteOwlBlend #ArtisanalCoffeeExperience

The passionate world of coffee curated by Frankie Shi and Tony Macri. Infinity Coffee, nestled in Hornsby, New South Wales, transcends the ordinary, offering not just coffee but a vibrant community. At PetitsTresors, our commitment to providing a curated selection of Infinity Coffee's range, such as the distinctive White Owl Blend, reflects our dedication to delivering extraordinary moments to your cup. Join us in celebrating the artistry, expertise, and genuine love for coffee that define Infinity Coffee Roasters. Elevate your coffee ritual with PetitsTresors and Infinity Coffee—where every sip tells a story of craftsmanship and passion. ☕🌐 #InfinityCoffee #SpecialtyCoffee #PetitsTresorsCollection #HornsbyNSW

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