It's time to enjoy your verandah: Sip and graze in the shade!

I don’t know about you, but we’re in Melbourne and we’re a bit hot.  It’s too hot to go to the beach without being burnt to a crisp and apparently the bay is teeming with sharks, so that should make the local pool or your own pool so much more inviting. 

Yes I know, it’s not even that hot – it could be so much hotter.  

Summer got here!

So, after all that complaining we did, Summer finally arrived.  Those of you in Adelaide where it’s sunny almost 100% of the time and you never need to button your overcoat in winter and elsewhere across this sunburnt country, might not appreciate how Melbournians actually crave sunshine – why else would we live here without living in hope and looking forward to some sunshine, when the weather feels a lot like London with grey skies day after day?  Apart from the excellent coffee and cocktail culture?  And we do have that in spades.  Siglo is one of our personal favourites by the way – up above The European on Spring Street.  We’re sure you all know how much we love coffee too as we talk about it all the time.  Anyway, enough about looking forward to a sunny day, we’ve had a couple now and hope that isn’t all we will get this summer.

Today is a bit of a scorcher and tomorrow will be more of one.  As the scorching summer sun beats down on Melbourne, finding ways to beat the heat becomes a top priority.  You cannot live on ice cream and frozen lime ice cubes, so take a moment and picture yourself lounging in the shade of your verandah, sipping on a refreshing cocktail (alcohol optional) and indulging in gourmet delights while the heat shimmers in the distance or at the moment, all around you. At, we understand the importance of staying cool and refreshed during these sweltering days.

Some suggestions for sipping and grazing in hot weather

We have some perfect suggestions to help you stay cool and satiated amidst the heat. With our curated selection of recipe ideas tailored for hot weather, including Caprese salads bursting with freshness and ice-cold cocktails to quench your thirst, you'll be well-equipped to tackle even the hottest of days.

Caprese salad

Imagine slicing into juicy cherry tomatoes (salt it first to bring out the flavours and make your vinaigrette smooth and soupy), creamy mozzarella and fragrant basil, drizzling them with EuroPantry’s Aged White Balsamic Condiment and Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Morella Grove for a burst of sweet and tangy flavour that transports you to the sun-drenched shores of Italy. And for those seeking a zesty twist, our EuroPantry Lemon Balsamic vinegar adds a delightful citrusy kick to your dishes, perfect for refreshing summer salads and seafood delights.

Cocktails with dehydrated limes,  Olssons Salt and Yuzu

For the ultimate cool-down, why not sprinkle some Olsson’s Native Citrus Cocktail Salt into your icy beverages? Crafted with Australian Sea Salt Flakes, plum powder, and lemon myrtle, this artisanal salt will draw out the flavours of your cocktails, making each sip a tantalizing experience.  Our dehydrated limes and other favourites including dehydrated Blood Oranges and Yuzu Koshu paste will come in very handy with your gin and tonics too.

Iced Coffees with Seven Seeds Coffee Concentrate

And when you need a caffeine kick without breaking a sweat, Seven Seeds Coffee Concentrate comes to the rescue. It’s cold!!!!

Whether you're craving an iced latte or a caffeine-infused dessert, this versatile concentrate promises to keep you cool and caffeinated all summer long.  If it’s as hot as this tomorrow, my morning espresso will be iced.

So, as we have a few more days of this to enjoy/experience, embrace the sizzle of the season with From gourmet ingredients to recipe inspirations, we've got everything you need to turn up the heat on your culinary adventures.

Are you ready to dive into a world of flavour and freshness?  We can help you with that.

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