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The following article and images are reposted by PetitsTresors.com.au courtesy of and with permission from Maldon Salt UK.  The recipe references and links included here are to those of Maldon Salt UK.


Within this article, we will take you on a journey of learning everything you need to know about smoked salt and how to use it.

We first explore the basic composition and characteristics of smoked salt, before deep-diving into how the flavoured salt can enhance profiles of dishes and the many ways you can use the condiment in your cooking, baking and drinks!

What is smoked salt?

Our Maldon Smoked Sea Salt flakes is created through hand-harvesting our pyramid-shaped flakes and gently smoking over oak for a distinctively deep, rich and bold taste. Due to the way it is smoked over the wood, the sea salt flakes have a slightly brown/beige colourisation, holding a deliciously smoky flavour that is perfect for fish and grilled vegetables.

Smoked salt is suitable for vegetarians and often acts as a great alternative to bacon crumble/bits. The salt is a natural product, being completely different from a smoke-flavoured salt, as this would contain an additive, which is not natural.

Maldon Smoked Sea Salt Flakes

Smoked Sea Salt 125g packet is the perfect size for everyday use in households. Available to purchase at PetitsTresors.com.au.

How to use smoked salt?

Maldon Smoked Sea Salt holds a signature, smoky flavour where a delicate blend of fresh sea salt flakes is hit with a balanced smokiness from the oak wood. Because it is our much-loved sea salt that is used and nothing else, the flakes allow a beautiful, textural crunch as you bite into your food, whilst obtaining that delicious grilled flavour – without having the need to grill!

Cooking with smoked salt

Sprinkled over griddled meat and vegetables, smoked salt elevates the food to add a richer, wood-smoked flavour that is perfect for both summer and winter dishes when you need a ‘smoky’ kick to warm yourself up!

Steak Salad with Purple Broccoli, Parmesan and Chilli & Herb Dressing


Our beautiful seared steak recipe uses Maldon Smoked Sea Salt to elevate the flame-grilled flavour further. If you are craving the smoky flavour profile, but do not have a griddled pan to achieve this, sprinkle a good pinch of smoked salt before serving and you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference! We pair the juicy steak with purple sprouting broccoli and broad beans to give some earthy goodness to the dish.

Additionally, a delicious chilli & herb dressing is drizzled over the dish, where smoked sea salt flakes is used to elevate the red chillies and herbs (parsley and coriander).

Roasted Padron peppers seasoned with sea salt

Padron Peppers


To make vegetables taste like they have been grilled over a smoky BBQ, make sure to generously sprinkle them with smoked sea salt straight after pulling them out of the oven. Our padron peppers showcase just how easy it can be to achieve a smoky flavour profile without having to grill/bbq the vegetables. Super easy and a great crowd-pleasing appetizer for a dinner party.

Gingerbread and butter pudding slices are arranged in a deep dish, topped with Maldon Salt.

Gingerbread Loaf

Baking with smoked salt

Did you know that smoked flavours work wonders with baked goods? Sprinkling a good handful of smoked sea salt into the mixture for a gingerbread loaf will make your taste buds sing as the smoky flavours compliment the spicy ginger notes perfectly!

To give chocolate a gentle smokiness, we also recommend adding a pinch of the smoked salt to fudgy brownies, both in the mixture and topped before serving. The smoky notes from the salt balances out the sweet, richness from the chocolate, creating the ultimate flavour sensation.

Bloody mary with smoked salt

Bloody Mary

Drinks made with smoked salt

For a fun twist, try adding smoked salt to the rim of a glass to your classic margarita. Our refreshing mango and jalapeno margarita uses a blend of smoked salt and chilli powder to give a fiery kick to the drink, adding a perfect balance of sweet and spicy from the fresh mango juice.

If you prefer the tangy aroma of tomato juice, try our Bloody Mary recipe, where we incorporate a smoked salt rim to the glass to elevate the smoky notes of the drink further.

Get the grilled flavour without having to grill…

This article has explored the delicious flavour profile of Maldon Smoked Sea Salt and the many ways it can be used in your kitchens, whether that be cooking, baking or making drinks!

Original Article by Hermione Cole

Photographer: David Loftus

Food Stylist: Libby Silbermann

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