Sriracha vs. Hot Sauce: What are the Differences?

Discovering the Origins: An Historical Journey of Hot Sauce and Sriracha

The culinary world's love affair with spicy sauces has escalated, with Sriracha and hot sauce bottles becoming staples in pantries and on tables worldwide. Both add different flavours and hot spicy and even sweet notes to your dishes.  Many of us have developed a taste for our favourite, but what distinguishes these fiery condiments from each other? We’d like to explain the unique characteristics that set Sriracha and hot sauce apart from each other, because they are pretty well in different categories to each other.

Origins and History: Tracing the Roots

Discovering the Origins: An Historical Journey of Hot Sauce and Sriracha

Hot Sauce: With a rich history dating back centuries, hot sauce encompasses a wide array of sauces crafted from chili peppers and various other ingredients including vinegar, salt, herbs spice and even vegetable and fruit. Originating from South and Central America and thought to have been first grown in ancient Mexico, chili peppers spread globally through trade, igniting a universal passion for heat and spice.

Sriracha Hot Sauce: Known for its standardized recipe and of a far more recent nascence, i.e., in the 1940s, Sriracha was made to go with seafood dishes in the Thai town of Si Racha. It comprises chili peppers, vinegar, garlic, palm sugar, and salt. Red jalapenos or Fresno peppers impart a vibrant hue and moderate spiciness. Aging allows flavours to meld and intensify, resulting in Sriracha's iconic balanced taste.

Ingredients and Production: Behind the Scenes

Ingredients and Production Methods of Hot Sauce and Sriracha

Hot Sauce: Hot sauce recipes exhibit vast diversity, featuring chili peppers, vinegar, salt, and an array of vegetables, fruits, herbs, and spices. Different flavour profiles aside, hot sauces are just that – hot.  For some, the hotter the better and we know that the search for the hottest hot sauce can become a mission.

Sriracha Hot Sauce: Initially a variation of Cantonese chili and garlic sauce, Sriracha gained popularity among Vietnamese tourists before captivating palates worldwide.  It should exhibit a more moderate heat level and a more balanced flavour than other hot sauces.

Flavour Profiles: From Mild to Wild

Navigating the Flavour Spectrum: Exploring the Diverse Taste Profiles of Hot Sauce and Sriracha

Hot Sauce: Hot sauces offer a spectrum of flavours, ranging from intense heat to nuanced blends. Some highlight extreme heat levels, leveraging chili varieties like the Carolina Reaper or Ghost Pepper, while others prioritize a harmonious balance of flavour and spice.

Sriracha Hot Sauce: Renowned for its balanced flavour and moderate heat, traditional Sriracha has garnered a devoted following. Its consistent taste has made it a staple in Thai, Asian, and fusion cuisines, earning a place in renowned restaurant chains, particularly in the US and diverse culinary creations.  It has been thickened for some markets too, allowing it to be used to spread on sandwiches and mixed into dipping sauces.

Flying Goose Sriracha Sauces: A Flavourful Adventure

Embark on a Flavour Journey: Exploring the Range of Flying Goose Sriracha Sauces

Flying Goose has expanded their range of Sriracha sauces with more and more flavours to add to your dishes. At PetitTresors, discover some of those delectable Sriracha varieties, all vegan and gluten-free. We can help you explore the world of Sriracha hot sauces and savour the traditional flavour that sets Sriracha apart.

Today we’re showcasing the Original Sriracha Hot Chilli Sauce from Flying Goose Brand. Crafted from sun-ripened chillies, this iconic sauce ignites dishes with its sizzling, spicy kick. Join the global Sriracha craze and incorporate this vegan delight into your own meals.

Carefully selected and sun ripened, Flying Goose Original Sriracha Sauce stands as a pinnacle of Thai Sriracha excellence. Its well-balanced blend of heat, sweetness, and spicy-garlicky tanginess adds depth to any dish. Perfect for barbecues, it enhances meats like beef, pork, chicken, and seafood with its rich garlic taste.

Your Sriracha adventure need not end there, however. Explore Flying Goose's diverse range of Sriracha sauces, each boasting bold flavours and savoury decadence. From the Sriracha Sweet Chilli, Yuzu and Wasabi sauces to the extra hot Sriracha Blackout chilli sauce, there's a flavour for every palate. Expand your culinary horizons and infuse your meals with the 'wow' factor these sauces bring.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to transform your dishes and tantalize your taste buds with Flying Goose's Original Sriracha Sauce. Embrace the heat, embrace the flavour, and let your culinary creativity soar. Experience the magic of Sriracha today and discover a world of endless possibilities for yourself and others.

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