The Road Trip Mishap: A Tomato Sauce Tale

A little while ago…. in the aftermath of Melbourne lockdowns when you couldn’t just go and buy a new car let alone choose what colour you might like (hence all those blue cars on the road. Sorry if you like blue cars), we embarked on a road trip from Melbourne to Traralgon for the absolutely last new car that had just come off the boat in the make that my partner wanted.  Imagine us wearing smart new gear as we hadn’t been out much for a while.  This became a bit of a saga of unexpected twists. Picture this: the anticipation of snagging the last available car in the state of Victoria, the thrill of the open road and the horror of a tomato sauce catastrophe.

As we ventured beyond Melbourne's confines in search of automotive salvation, hunger struck like a lightning bolt.  We were so excited and had so much FOMO that we forgot to eat before we left home. A pit stop beckoned and with it, the promise of a savoury reprieve and the holy grail of Australian cuisine, the great meat pie. Armed with the trusty picnic set in my car which had been used for many car date nights of fish, chips and potato cakes less than 5 km from our house during lockdowns, I reached for the tomato sauce bottle, oblivious to the impending chaos about to unfold.

Defective Tomato Sauce Bottle Alert

Not having had a squeeze for at least a few weeks, that tomato sauce bottle was probably not about to perform as intended. Not thinking about that and with misguided enthusiasm, I attempted to squeeze tomato sauce into my partner's meat pie. Alas, fate had other plans. The sauce bottle, resistant to my coaxing, rebelled in a very unfortunate but spectacular display of lack of good technique. A torrent of bright red sort of exploded sideways, painting my partner's pristine white t shirt with reckless abandon.  The pie remained unsauced.  We laughed as we couldn’t do much else.  You can imagine it was a bit difficult to get it off before we reached our destination.

A testament to the unpredictability of life on the road, we ate our lunch, got back into my car and arrived otherwise unscathed at our destination. Stained liberally with tomato sauce, my partner bought a new car.

You don't have to experience this

But fear not, fellow foodie connoisseurs, for salvation is at hand and this doesn’t have to happen to you! Enter MasterFoods Portion Control Squeeze-On Sauces – a revolutionary solution to our saucy predicament. With their patented single-hand squeeze design and perfectly portioned servings, these sauces offer a mess-free, contactless and downright delightful experience.  You don’t have to slyly stock up at the hamburger shop or the bakery either.

Perfect for taking to work to add the finishing touches to your lunch, these squeeze-on sauces are also ideal companions for holiday camping trips, day picnics, and barbecue excursions.  You can keep them on hand for your weekend visit to Bunnings in case they’ve run out! As we savour the lingering warmth of the sun and the last days of summer, these sauces elevate outdoor dining to new heights of flavour and convenience.

And what's more, PetitsTresors brings these culinary saviours right to your doorstep. No longer shall we fear the wrath of rogue sauce bottles or the perils of poorly sauced meat pies that you can buy with insides at the same temperature as rocket fuel, leading to vertical drapes in your mouth. With a selection of BBQ, Sweet and Sour and Tomato sauces at your disposal, your culinary escapades are destined for greatness. 

So, dear reader, heed the lesson learned from our tomato sauce saga. Embrace the convenience, indulge in the flavour, and revel in the joy of portion-controlled perfection. With MasterFoods Portion Control Squeeze-On Sauces from, certain culinary mishaps will be a thing of the past, and every mealtime adventure a triumph of taste.

Eat your pies safely.  Also great on snags, chips and anything else you like to put sauce on. 

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