UmamiPapi: More Than Just Heat – The Art of Chilli Oils

Australia’s gastronomic scene has always thrived on its willingness to experiment, to venture beyond the known, and to redefine culinary boundaries. It's within this context that UmamiPapi’s chilli oils have become a roaring sensation. It represents more than just the tantalising heat; it's a celebration of the age-old art of chilli oil making.

The magic of UmamiPapi lies in its balance. The heat from the chillies, while robust and potent, never overpowers. Instead, it melds seamlessly with the rich, savoury undertones, ensuring that the umami character shines through. It’s this dedication to balance and depth of flavour that has Australian food enthusiasts hooked.

Whether drizzled over pizza, stirred into soups, or added to stir-fries, the versatility of UmamiPapi chilli oils is another feather in its cap. And with Petits Tresors ensuring a seamless delivery experience, your kitchen will never be without this bottle of liquid gold.

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