We took the weekend off!

So, we at PetitsTresors took last weekend off.  Well, I did anyway.  My partner didn’t.  Yes, we are real people and we work seven days a week. 

Whether we are at a market promoting the flavours we find hard to describe on the page, finding new treasures, writing about them or packing them up to send to you, we don’t often take any time out.

We headed away from Melbourne for the first time in a couple of months and went to the Mornington Peninsula, partly to have some time off (that was me) and also to look into some more Little Treasures for PetitsTresors that we will be launching shortly – please note that this will be very exciting.  This is our life and pretty well all we talk about: what can we find to go with the products we already have that will make your cocktails more interesting, make it easier to create gourmet food at home and make the weekly trip to the supermarket quicker for everyone – my least favourite job to do apart from ironing.

On Sunday we ventured forth for a drive.  I remember when this was a romantic thing and it sort of was, even though we were on a mission to find treasure.  We found the treasure and passed by Ten Minutes by Tractor, Montalto (yes we were around Red Hill) and my partner asked me if I was hungry as we passed by a pretty café bar….  No not yet, but it was lovely to imagine ourselves sitting at one of the wineries, sipping wine and savouring little gorgeous bites to eat.  Best not though as we were driving.

The hunger pangs struck as we neared Flinders and the executive decision was made to hit the pub.

I thought we’d just have fish and chips.  However, I didn’t know about their Gin Menu (it’s ok I wasn’t driving) or their Lunch Menu.  We had Crispy Pork Belly, with a remoulade salad, apple cider puree, citrus glaze (GF, NF) and Grilled Jamaican Chicken with lime crema, charred Padrón peppers and coriander (GF, NF).  I ate one of those Padron Peppers and forgot to remove the seeds.  I now know how important it is to always carry tissues in your handbag, to wear waterproof mascara outside of the house and that sparkling water doesn’t help when the chilli hits your nose, your eyes and your palate all at once.  Better than a cleansing sorbet.  Their food is very very good and I’m sure their fish and chips are also yummy.  Their staff are just lovely and you really should go there too.

So to their Gin Menu.  I only had one but I want to go back there in an Uber and try more.

I took a glass of That Spirited Lot, Ninch Dry from Seaford with citrus, pine and lemon sorbet.  What surprised me was that I could taste each flavour in different parts of my mouth at the same time and it was just wonderful.

Next time I want to try at least some of these:

Bass & Flinders, Maritime from the Mornington Peninsula with flavours of foraged kelp, coastal saltbush and lemon myrtle

Four Pillars, Rare Dry (I’ve had that at home and it’s one of my favourite Four Pillars Gins) with flavours of orange, lemon myrtle and green cardamom.  We do have the Olsson’s Salt Dry Gin Salt at PetitsTresors (mmmm, though it isn't meant as a cocktail salt).

After lunch, we just went home and relaxed.  Stayed an extra night in Rye, then back to Melbourne and back to packing up orders for the post.

I loved last weekend.

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