A Note on Meat Pie Disasters

Writing these little articles, I have been remembering my early uni days for some reason.

Picture me with my friends at about lunch time in the University Union (a big tuckshop with tables and chairs) and on this particular day, I decided that I would like a meat pie with sauce for my lunch.  This was not new to me.  I had peeled the top of a meat pie and added my sauce to it every single Friday for the whole of primary and secondary school when we had lunch orders (remember them?).  However, for some reason, on this day I really lost my pie eating technique. 

Most meat pie connoisseurs are perfectly aware that there is only one way to eat a meat pie. Given my lengthy experience with and love for these gourmet treats, you would think I’d have remembered how to succeed at this aspect of life. 

But no, I did not adhere to the rules – one bite to the left, one to the right and only then a bite from the middle.  I bit straight into the middle and rocket fuel and tomato sauce poured down the front of my white blouse.  My friends were appalled with me and embarrassed by my lack of  panache. Me too.   Anyway…

Luckily I had a scarf as there was no way I could get that off without soaking it in Sard.  All I could smell for the rest of the day was my lunch.  On me.  I'm sure that was partly psychological.

What is the point of this little chapter?  I want to point out that not all Aussie Meat Pies are created equal and neither are all Aussie Pie Sauces.  We at PetitsTresors can help you with the best Sauce for your Aussie Pie and it’s made in New South Wales in small batches by Padraic Kielty.  Padraic is a worldwide prize winning chef and so are his Irish sauces and you should try this one for yourself. 

Please note that I don’t think that this sauce would have saved me from another pie mishap – I know there have been a few of those highlighted in recent blogs.  I just wanted to mention my delight of enjoying a pie and it’s accompaniment, the perfect sauce.





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