Relish Your Jam?

In the heart of the Adelaide Hills, nestled amongst rolling landscapes and verdant pastures, lies a place where tradition meets innovation, and passion meets produce. It’s a story that spans six generations, beginning over two centuries ago when the Paech family planted their roots on what is now known as The Beerenberg Family Farm. The name "Beerenberg," meaning 'Berry Hill' in German, speaks volumes about the family's deep connection to the land and their commitment to cultivating the finest produce.

In 1970, Grant and Carol Paech, the visionary custodians of this historic land, made a bold decision that would shape the future of their farm: to focus solely on growing strawberries. Drawing upon generations of farming wisdom and armed with a profound respect for their heritage, they revolutionized their farming practices, blending traditional methods with modern technology to produce strawberries renowned for their exceptional taste and quality.

The year 1971 marked a pivotal moment in the Beerenberg legacy, as it saw the birth of their very first batch of strawberry jam. What began as a humble endeavor soon blossomed into a thriving business, with Beerenberg becoming synonymous with premium jams, chutneys, sauces, and dressings. Their products, crafted with care and dedication, have not only captivated taste buds across Australia but have also earned acclaim on the international stage.

Today, Beerenberg stands as a beacon of tradition and excellence with a far wider choice of delicious products, a testament to the enduring values of quality, innovation, and family heritage. As custodians of this esteemed legacy, the Paech family remains steadfast in their commitment to upholding these values, ensuring that each jar of Beerenberg preserves the essence of their land and the spirit of their ancestors.

At PetitsTresors, we are proud to offer an expanding range of Beerenberg jams and relish, curated to elevate the flavours of your meals and add a touch of gourmet indulgence to your table. Our selection, sourced with care and attention to quality, reflects our dedication to providing you with the finest ingredients for your culinary adventures.

But our commitment extends beyond offering exceptional products. By choosing Beerenberg, you not only treat yourself to unparalleled taste and quality but also support a family-owned farmstead with a rich heritage and a deep-rooted connection to the land. Your decision to embrace Beerenberg is not just about indulging in gourmet delights; it's about becoming part of a legacy, joining us on a journey that celebrates tradition, excellence, and the timeless allure of fine food.

So, whether you're a seasoned foodie or just beginning to explore the world of gourmet ingredients, we invite you to experience the rich tapestry of Beerenberg's history and indulge in the exquisite flavours of their artisanal creations. Embrace tradition. Taste excellence. Welcome to Beerenberg!

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