Euro Pantry Cream of Porcini Mushrooms and White Truffles

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Euro Pantry Crema di Funghi Porcini con Tartufo Bianco

This paste contains 11% Umbrian white truffles and porcini mushrooms, carefully selected from local sources for the highest quality. With its creamy consistency and strong aroma, it enhances the flavous of pasta, risotto, poultry, and seafood dishes. Our uniquely crafted Porcini and White Truffle paste offers a flavour that is sure to elevate your culinary creations. This secret ingredient is sure to have customers wondering about the recipe. Combining a base of cream and the earthy quality of porcini mushrooms with Umbrian white truffles' aroma, this paste brings added richness and flavour to any dish. It is ideal for pasta, risotto, mayonnaise, aioli, sauces, seafood, and chicken.