Huskee Cup | Reusable Cups 4 Pack 12oz/354ml Charcoal

$44.95 $60

HuskeeCup Reusable Cups without Lids

For use in your home office, other workplace or for everyday home use.  One for today with 3 to speare until the next dishwasher clean or you enough for home and the office. HuskeeCup Universal lids are available separately, also in 4 packs and in either Natural or Charcoal colours.

Size: 12oz (354 ml)

HuskeeCup has a slim and grippable shape, featuring fins that protect your hands from the heat of your drink while providing insulation to keep it hot.


HuskeeCups are made from sustainable materials including coffee husks, the thin layer surrounding the coffee bean and a unique eco-composite polymer chosen after extensive research and development.

Technical specifications:

Made from repurposed waste coffee husk, HuskeeCups are offered in either Natural (no dyes, just the colour of our husk) or a Charcoal colour.  

HuskeeCups are easy to clean and hygienic, being microwave and dishwasher friendly.

While designed and made to be durable, the HuskeeCup will not last forever.  Both the HuskeeCups and Huskee Cup Universal Lids can be recycled at their end of life through HuskeeLoop.