HuskeeCup Reusable with Lid 8 oz (236 ml) Charcoal

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HuskeeCup with Lid 8oz Charcoal.

HuskeeCup – elegantly designed, comfortable to hold, stackable, reusable, durable, recyclable and made from recycled material.  The HuskeeCup is perfect for cafes, connoisseurs of coffee made at home and on-the-go coffee drinkers.

Size: 8oz (236 ml)

HuskeeCup has a slim and grippable shape, featuring fins that protect your hands from the heat of your drink while providing insulation to keep it hot.


HuskeeCups are made from sustainable materials including coffee husks, the thin layer surrounding the coffee bean and a unique eco-composite polymer chosen after extensive research and development.

Technical specifications:

HuskeeCups brand new way of thinking has earned accolades among championship baristas and the Specialty Coffee Association.