La Molisana Angel Hair Pasta Capelli No. 17 500g x 4 Pack


La Molisana Angel Hair Pasta Capelli No. 17 (4 Pack)

This capelini variety hails from Central-Northern Italy and is recognized for its thin diameter of 0.85 millimetres, also known as Angel Hair Pasta. Packaged with resealable packets, it is easy to identify and use.

Produced in the Molise region of Italy, La Molisana Premium Quality pasta is crafted with the finest Durum Wheat Semolina for a flavour-rich and protein-rich experience - giving the pasta its golden hue and unique wheaty taste.

Extruded using 'bronze die' production for a rough texture, La Molisana Pasta Capelli No. 17 (4 Pack) helps the pasta lock in the sauce - ensuring perfect cooking every time.

These delicate strands, reminiscent of their angelic namesake, present a delightful culinary challenge, cooking rapidly to perfection but just as swiftly overcooking. Ideal for soups, they stand alongside vermicellini and fidelini in the cherished culinary traditions of nations. Master the art of cooking with these thin, exquisite threads and unveil dishes that resonate with international gourmet heritage.

4 x La Molisana Angel Hair Pasta No. 17

Cooking time:

3 mins