La Molisana Pasta Spaghetto Quadrato No 1 500g x 4 Pack V


La Molisana Pasta Spaghetto Quadrato No 1, 500g x 4 Pack

La Molisana is a premium quality pasta produced in the Molise region of Italy. Created using high-grade Durum Wheat Semolina, it offers a robust wheat flavour and a golden hue. Formed through traditional 'bronze dies', this pasta is left with a coarse texture that absorbs sauces and cooks al dente. The Spaghetto Quadrato has a unique square-ended shape that's 1.75cm thick and is ideal for myriad dishes including those with tomato or meat sauces, extra virgin olive oil and herbs and garlic, fish sauces, and carbonara. Certified vegan, vegetarian, Kosher, free of artificial flavours, colours, and GMOs, it's the perfect choice for everyone's kitchen.

4 X La Molisana Spaghetto Quadrato No 1

Cooking time:

11 mins