La Molisana Pasta Spaghettoni No 14 500g V


La Molisana Pasta Spaghettoni No 14

Our La Molisana Pasta Spaghettoni is crafted with premium quality Durum Wheat Semolina, grown in the Molise region of Italy.

Boasting a unique golden hue and unmistakable wheat flavour, the pasta is extruded through traditional ‘bronze dies’ to create a rough texture that captures and holds robust sauces.  Slow-dried to retain proteins unlike many other commercial pastas.

Bigger and wider than classic spaghetti, Spaghettoni pasta is an ideal choice for seafood or vegetable-based dishes.

Packaged in a convenient resealable pouch, this Italian-made product is vegan, vegetarian-friendly, free from artificial flavours and colours, Kosher certified, and free of GMOs.

Cooking time:

11 mins