Proud Mary Coffee Roasters | Fluffy Pillows | Espresso Decaf 250g | PetitsTresors


Indulge in the excellence of decaf from the Popayan Reserve—a captivating coffee journey.

Experience a clean, vibrant cup with rich body and sweetness.

Sourced from the Cauca region in Colombia, this decaf is meticulously crafted from the produce of 67 select farms, employing more than 400 people.

Decaffeinated using ethyl acetate derived from sugar cane, it selectively removes caffeine while preserving delightful flavour compounds. Rest assured, Proud Mary’s Fluffy Pillows is a quality decaf experience, leaving you craving more.

 Proud Mary: Specialty coffee roaster, café, and retailer in Melbourne, Australia, and Portland, Oregon, USA. Committed to supporting and representing coffee producers, making annual visits to producers' farms, homes, and families to build meaningful connections. Find them on Oxford Street. Collingwood.