Proud Mary Coffee Roasters | Angel Wings | Espresso Blend 250g | PetitsTresors


Tasting Notes:  Caramel, orange citrus, stone fruit & buttery

Introducing Proud Mary's Angel Wings Espresso Blend, a meticulously crafted combination designed to effortlessly blend with milk, producing a velvety latte or espresso with distinct notes of caramel, orange citrus, and stone fruit, complemented by a buttery texture. Sourced from Central and South American farms, this blend features premium beans from El Salvador for rich caramel undertones and a smooth, buttery finish, while Honduran beans add bright orange citrus and stone fruit flavours. Proud Mary Coffee is dedicated to ethical and sustainable practices, sourcing directly from trusted producer partners and fostering meaningful connections with coffee communities worldwide. Experience the artistry of Proud Mary's specialty coffee roasting, available for easy brewing with espresso machines and stovetops. Discover the Angel Wings blend and elevate your coffee experience with Proud Mary, a renowned coffee roaster, café, and retailer with locations in Melbourne, Australia, and Portland, Oregon, USA.


  • Espresso: Easy Espresso Machine and Stovetop brewing
Proud Mary:  Find them on Oxford Street, Collingwood.