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Tasting Notes: Milk chocolate, red grape, blueberry & syrupy

The Proud Mary Ghost Rider blend was made to add sweetness and fruitiness to lattes and espresso.

This adventurous coffee is comprised of beans from South America and Africa - particularly Brazil for its chocolate and syrupy base, and Ethiopia for the vibrant red grape and blueberry notes. Winning the Golden Bean Award in 2013, this blend earned three more gold medals consecutively!

Proud Mary utilizes fresh, in-season beans from trusted producer partnerships, so by enjoying Ghost Rider you promote sustainability and our direct relationships with producers in Brazil and Ethiopia.


  • Brazil 50%
  • Ethiopia 50%


  • Espresso: Easy Espresso Machine and Stovetop brewing

Proud Mary: Specialty coffee roaster, café, and retailer in Melbourne, Australia, and Portland, Oregon, USA. Committed to supporting and representing coffee producers, making annual visits to producers' farms, homes, and families to build meaningful connections. Find them on Oxford Street, Collingwood.