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Indulge in Seven Seeds Coffee Concentrate

Unlock the exceptional taste of this Coffee Concentrate, crafted from the renowned Golden Gate espresso blend. Brewed hot and flash-chilled for freshness, enjoy its premium flavour at home or the office. With a three-month shelf life unopened and seven days once opened, savour every sip of this versatile brew.

Whether it's an iced latte, espresso martini, or drizzled over ice cream, this concentrate adds a burst of flavour to your favorite beverages and desserts. Ideal for tira misu coffee cakes, smoked coffee marinades for BBQs with crispy chilli oil, extra strong espresso or a long black. 

Expand your coffee experience with Seven Seed.

Discover Seven Seeds Coffee Roasters.
Embracing transparency and sustainability since 2007, Seven Seeds Coffee Roasters prioritize ethical practices from roasting to brewing. Located on Berkeley Street, Carlton, Victoria, indulge in their commitment to excellence with every cup.