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Seven Seeds Coffee Concentrate

Experience Seven Seeds Coffee Concentrate, a versatile addition to your home or office for a premium caffeine boost. Crafted from the renowned Golden Gate blend, this concentrate offers exceptional flavour. Brewed hot and flash-chilled to preserve its aroma, its shelf life is three months unopened and seven days once opened if it takes you that long.

For hot or cold use, one or two shots of Seven Seeds’ Coffee Concentrate is perfect for iced lattes, espresso martinis, over ice cream with amaretto, ideal for tira misu coffee cakes, smoked coffee marinades for BBQs with crispy chilli oil, extra strong espresso or a long black.

Elevate your coffee experience with Seven Seed.


Named after Baba Budan, Seven Seeds prioritizes transparency, excellence, and ethical practices since 2007. From roasting to brewing, they ensure traceability and sustainability. 

You can find them in Berkeley Street, Carlton, Victoria.