Freshen Up Your Space With Our Car Diffusers

Whether you want to get rid of an off-putting odour or bring a fresh fragrance to your space, our car diffusers are ideal for reinvigorating your senses and creating an inviting atmosphere. Pick your favourite in our range of car diffusers from Australia. You can also use them in wardrobes and drawers to purify the air and introduce a pleasing scent to your clothes. Here’s what else our collection offers:

High Quality Oils

Because we make our oils from premium ingredients, they can last up to 12 weeks if not exposed to extreme heat.


Our car oil diffusers come in five fragrances; Cocoon Beach, Ivy Soul, Mystery Island, Tiki Times, and Serendipity, which you can all refill conveniently.

Beautifully Crafted Bottles

You can also look forward to intricately designed bottles with mosaic detail and watercolour florals. They also have a wooden lid and natural fibre string for you to hang up.

Eco-Friendly Indulgence

We value sustainability and invest in containers such as our car diffuser essential oil bottle, which you can reuse and repurpose. Also, soy wax is friendlier to the planet than bee’s wax.