Euro Pantry Black Truffle Paste - Salsa Tartufata Vegan

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Euro Pantry Black Truffle Paste - Salsa Tartufata Vegan

Our black truffle paste, carefully crafted in Umbria with Italian ingredients, packs an intense aroma and flavour. A small portion yields a big result, and chefs proclaim it's the best truffle paste available in Australia. Containing 8% truffle, mushrooms, and no additional ingredients like olives or breadcrumbs, this chunky paste is perfect for sauces, truffle dressings and marinades, truffle butter, and more. Moreover, an anchovy version is also available. Our black truffle paste is sure to tantalize your taste buds with its aromatic and delectable flavours. Produced in Umbria by our artisan maker using only Italian ingredients, our truffle paste is rich, delicious and remarkably versatile. Plus, a minimal amount is all you need. It features 8% truffle and no olives or breadcrumbs.