Huskee Cup | Universal Lid 4 Pack | Natural/Charcoal Colours

Color: Natural

HuskeeCup Universal Lids - compatible with all 6oz, 8oz, 12oz and 16oz Huskee Cup sizes

HuskeeCup Universal Lids are made to be easy to separate and recycle at their end of life, without having to buy a new HuskeeCup as well as a new lid.

Made from repurposed waste coffee husk, HuskeeCups Universal Lid is offered in either Natural (no dyes, just the colour of our husk) or a Charcoal colour.  

HuskeeCups Universal Lids are made so that there is nothing to take apart, they are easy to clean and hygienic.

While designed and made to be durable, the HuskeeCup and their lids will not last forever.  Both the HuskeeCups and HuskeeCup Universal Lids can be recycled at their end of life through HuskeeLoop.