Freeze Dried Berries

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Freeze Dried:

Freeze Dried Berries

 Off camping and can't take fresh berries with you for your breakfasts?  Take freeze dried raspberries or freeze dried strawberries to have with your cereal. 

Having a cocktail party and there are no fresh strawberries or raspberries available?  Try our range of freeze dried strawberries (with champagne) or freeze dried raspberries (with vodka) or freeze dried blueberries (with gin). 

You'd like to bake a strawberry cake or make raspberry fool and and can't find the fruit easily?  You'd like to add something special to your ice cream and there is no inspiration in the fridge?  Try our freeze dried raspberries, freeze dried strawberries and freeze dried blueberries.

These are for you! 

Keep them with your cake ingredients, next to your breakfast cereal or at your bar.  They don't need to be kept in the fridge.  They can be stored for up to 12 months, if they last that long!