La Molisana Pasta | Orecchiette Pugliesi No.30 x 4 Pack


La Molisana Pasta Orecchiette Pugliesi

Made with the finest Durum Wheat and Semolina, La Molisana Pasta Specialty shapes boast a rich, inviting flavor with a high protein content, giving them a golden hue and wheat flavour. Extruded through "bronze dies" for that homemade rough texture, these pastas are specifically designed to absorb and hold sauce, and cook up perfectly every single time. Orecchiette Pugliesi, a pasta originating in Apulia in Southern Italy, is a round disc with a slight indent in the centre, making it an ideal base for flavorful sauces.

4 x Packets of La Molisana Orecchiette Pugliesi No.30