Olsson's Salt | Red Gum Smoked Salt | 90g Stoneware Jar

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Cold-Smoked Red Gum Smoked Salt from Olsson's Salt

Sea Salt from Olsson's Salt has been produced by the Olsson family since 1948, making it the longest-running, family-owned manufacturer in Australia. In partnership, this amazingly flavoured and scented salt is cold-smoked over Red Gum for 72 hours, imparting a deep smoky flavour to dishes such as fish, poultry, soups, sauces, and vegetables.

You can refill your beautiful stoneware jar with one of our kraft canisters from Olsson's Salt too.

This smoky salt smells so good you might want to put it on everything!

Size | 90 g Stoneware Jar

Origin | Australia

Ingredients | Australian sea salt cold smoked for 72 hours