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Cold Filter Cask 

Cold Filter Cask – not just cold coffee in a cask.  Hot filled single origin coffee, to be served cold.

The Seven Seeds Cold Filter Cask is arguably better than cask wine and the bladder can be repurposed in the same way as Goon Bags* to keep birds away from your fruit trees!  So it’s recyclable too! (* Goon Bags entered into popular Australian vernacular in the 1970s and a staple of uni students as my partner can attest to, after South Australian invention of 1935.)

Seven Seeds has come up with the fabulous idea of providing a 4-litre single origin coffee fridge friend equating to about 20 serves.  The 2-litre cask equates to about 10 serves.

After opening, keep it in the fridge and drink within the next month (if it takes you that long).

Pop it in the esky when you head for the beach or pool, take it to the office, your picnic or just your back garden and pour from your Hills Hoist as you would with your cask wine.



Named after the daring Baba Budan who smuggled seven coffee seeds from Yemen to India in the 17th century, Seven Seeds breaks through historical confines, allowing global bean sourcing. Since 2007, Seven Seeds has revolutionized coffee, encompassing transparency and excellence. Beyond roasting, brewing, and retailing, the company's commitment extends to pioneering ethical practices. Seven Seeds prioritizes traceability, publishing the prices paid directly to producers, called 'farmgate'. They are dedicated to ensuring a sustainable future for those growing exceptional coffee. Embrace the legacy, as each Seven Seeds product narrates a tale of determination and passion, rooted in a rich history that changed the course of coffee cultivation worldwide.

You can find them in Berkeley Street, Carlton, Victoria.