ST ALi Coffee | Orthodox| House Espresso Blend 250g



ST Ali Orthodox house espresso

The original ST ALi blend: a traditional Italian-style coffee with a ST. ALi third wave twist.Ā 

St ALi Coffee Melbourne's Orthodox blend is crafted with precision using beans sourced from Peru and Brazil.Ā  Prioritising small-scale farmers from the north for a diverse flavour palette, ST ALi Coffee Roasters ensure a consistent experience. With Brazil's cutting-edge industrialization, they guarantee quality and consistency year-round. Partnering with Sertaozinho for over 6 years, they consistently deliver Cup of Excellence winners. This blend offers creamy milk chocolate, fudge, and apple jam notes, perfect for indulging in milk-based drinks. It's your gateway to specialty coffee.

Flavour Profile: Apple Jam | Fudge | ChocolateĀ 

COUNTRY:Ā 60%Ā Peru | 40% Brazil
REGION:Ā Cajamaca | PoƧos de Caldas, South Minas
CULTIVAR:Ā Various | Red Bourbon
PROCESSING:Ā Washed | Natural

Espresso recipeĀ 

DOSE:Ā 20-22gĀ 
YIELD:Ā 46-52gĀ 
TIME:Ā 26-32s

Founded in 2005 by Mark Dundon and led by Salvatore Malatesta since 2008, ST. ALi Coffee Roasters is synonymous with excellence and innovation in the coffee industry. PetitsTresors proudly brings ST. ALi's coffee artistry to your doorstep, offering an exclusive taste of Melbourne's finest beans worldwide. Experience the excellence that defines ST. ALi coffee ā€“ a legacy now accessible globally.

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