ST ALi Coffee | Wide Awake | Strong Espresso Blend | Ground or Whole Beans 250g


ST ALi will keep you Wide Awake with their Strong Espresso Blend

ST Ali Coffee's strong espresso blend combines ingredients sourced from Brazil and El Salvador to produce a body with a smooth, clean cup profile. The Brazilian elements hail from Alta Mogiana region, known for its sweet, structured naturals. The El Salvador element is sourced from Santa Ana region, delivering a consistent cup profile. Combining the two lots creates a coffee with caramelised sugars, molasses and dark spice, providing a bold flavour perfect for milk-based drinks. Perfect for those needing an extra kick to stay wide awake.

Chocolate | Butterscotch | Praline

COUNTRY: 60% Brazil | 40% El Salvador
CULTIVAR: Bourbon, Icatu, Catuai | Bourbon, Pacas, Typica
PROCESSING: Natural  | Washed

Espresso recipe 

DOSE: 20-22g 
YIELD: 42-46g 
TIME: 26-32s